How to Download torrent files

for downloading torrent files you have to download torrent application first like u torrent or bit port (for secure download )

Download utorrent application into your pc or laptop first
Click here to download utorrent

Once you install utorrent application start downloading torrent files

Click on download torrent file button

Start Downloading torrent files with simple little steps

Click on open utorrent

Note some Browsers Shows different type of interface you only have to do Click on open utorrent, Also some torrents are downloading in file format you only have to do double click on that file and torrent will automatically open in utorrent application

Once done utorrent will automatically popup Select your file and start downloading

Click okay and your torrent file will start downloading
Download and enjoy your Game

Contact me if you face any kind of issue with downloading games i will try to solving your problem .

Have a nice Gaming

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